Public Transport

The bus transfer from Málaga airport to Nerja is comfortable as they use air conditioned coaches and it is very cheap! Currently around 6 Euros!

From the airport to Málaga the train is both quicker and cheaper. The station is clearly signposted from the arrivals hall. You need to travel to Málaga Maria Zambrano station which is right next to the bus station in the city centre. The train takes 8 minutes to reach Málaga.

Or for the bus, at the airport outside the arrivals hall walk across the plaza to the bus stop. Take the A line to Málaga city, this will take you into Málaga central bus station and pulls in right next to stand 38 from which the Nerja buses depart. The bus takes about 25 minutes to reach Málaga.

Once at Málaga enter the terminal building toward the right hand end and look for the "Alsa" cubicles, numbers 4-6, from which the tickets for the Nerja bus are sold. There is also a ticket machine by the cubicle with an English option for the instructions. The time of the next bus will be printed on your ticket. Direct buses take an hour, stopping only at Velez Málaga and Torrox on the way. Stoppers take about 1 hour 45 minutes

Nerja bus station is not obvious; it is merely a pull in on the main road large enough for about 3 buses on either side of the road. The most noticeable thing is that this is where almost everyone will get off! Look for Café Bar 7 to the right of the bus and you are in the right place.

For a current bus timetable you can visit the Alsa website

In Summer there is one bus per day direct from airport to Nerja at 11.45am


We are located about 1 km from the bus station, although its all downhill!. There are taxis available or you may choose to use the local bus